It’s impossible to deny the benefits of the daily dog walk. Not only does it provide exercise for both the dog and their handler, it’s an important way for dogs to connect to their surroundings and gives them the mental stimulation they require for overall well being. 

Of course, taking Fido out for his daily constitutional is rarely as simple as clicking a leash on the collar and heading out the door. Paying attention to dog walking etiquette is key when it comes to staying safe, and making the most out of this special time. Let the team at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital show you how!

Dog Walking Etiquette

Following a few ground rules will help keep you and your dog safe, while staying on good terms with your neighbors, not to mention doing your part to reduce pollution in your community.

  • Use a leash – Always! Choose a sturdy, 4-6ft leash for best results. Stay away from retractable leashes, which pose a very real danger to both you and your dog.
  • Respect your dog – You know your dog’s likes and dislikes better than anyone, which means you know who and what to avoid while out walking. If you already know that your dog bristles at anyone in uniform, or is easily startled by children, for example, it’s time to cross the street if you see a mail carrier or group of children waiting for a bus.
  • Pay attention – Always be aware of your dog’s behavior and what they’re doing while on a walk. Keep them off of lawns (dog pee is not a good fertilizer), and make sure they aren’t investigating anything they shouldn’t, such as open garbage bins, puddles, or runoff from driveways as it could contain antifreeze or other dangerous automotive fluids.
  • Never assume – You may have the world’s friendliest dog, but it’s never safe to assume that other dogs and people will be as happy to see you or your pup. Always ask before approaching another person or dog.
  • Clean up – It goes without saying that everyone should clean up after their dog, yet piles of dog waste can still be found in grass, trails, and on sidewalks nearly everywhere. Dog waste can not only carry disease and parasites, it can leach into and pollute groundwater. Don’t leave home without a few baggies to clean up after your pet, and any others that you see.
  • Prioritize training – Dogs that have a handle on basic obedience commands do much better on walks. Work with your dog daily, and reach out to a certified dog trainer when in doubt.

Do you have any further questions about dog walking etiquette? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff for help, or to schedule an appointment for your pet.