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A cat being examined with ultrasound

In-House Veterinary Diagnostics

When it comes to finding answers about your pet’s health, every minute matters. Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital is lucky to have in-house veterinary diagnostics that allow us to make quick diagnoses and find the best treatment options for your pets.

We are big believers in utilizing as many tools as possible to get the best outcome for pets in Citrus Heights. Our team relies on the answers provided by our advanced diagnostics to ensure we are doing right by your pet.

A digital x-ray result

Veterinary X-Ray

From teeth to internal medicine, our digital X-rays give us a clearer picture of what is happening inside your pet. This diagnostic equipment is essential for us to make well-informed medical decisions and find the right (and most effective) treatment options for your pets in a variety of scenarios.

Veterinary Ultrasound

This diagnostic imaging tool is a pain-free way for us to thoroughly examine dogs and cats. Veterinary ultrasound can be used to:

  • Diagnose internal issues with the bladder, liver, stomach, and spleen
  • Evaluate pregnancies
  • Assist in determining if a growth is cancerous

In-House Veterinary Pharmacy

In addition to in-house diagnostics, we also have an in-house pharmacy, so we can quickly get you the prescriptions you need for your pet. Pet medication can be specific to your pet, making it essential to receive exactly what your veterinarian has prescribed. This way, we can ensure the safety and quality you don’t receive from an online pharmacy.

From same-day prescriptions to easy refills, we want to make it as simple as possible to provide treatment for your pet. We also have home food delivery options to make it easier than ever to stay stocked with your pet’s food.

To learn more about our advanced diagnostics and how they can help your pet, please call us, text us, or request an appointment online using our pet portal or request form.