The beginning of the year is always brimming with potential. It’s easy to become inspired by all the things you want to see and do in the next year, but let’s face it, these super positive ambitions can lose their glow by March. How can we sustain our hopes and dreams for the new year? For starters, pet owners can spend time assessing their pet’s overall health, lifestyle, and environment to determine where to place the new year’s goal posts. There are always ways to improve your pet’s health and happiness, and we can help you get the ball rolling. 

What Is Optimal Health?

Every pet is unique. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addressing their needs. To achieve optimal health for your pet, it’s important to look at all of the puzzle pieces that make them who they are. In this new calendar year, can you say that your pet’s teeth are strong and healthy? What about their weight? Do they exercise every day and enjoy an age-appropriate diet? 


The answers to these questions can steer your resolutions for their new year all with the intention of improving your pet’s health. 

Here to Help You

In a strange but common phenomenon, we often can’t see changes in a pet’s appearance or behavior until someone outside the home points them out. If it’s been a little while (more than 12 months) since your pet’s last wellness exam, this can provide valuable insight into what’s happening with them. Since they mask signs of illness or injury, we often don’t know a pet is suffering from something until tests come back. 


A routine pet wellness exam and diagnostics can reveal any issues and help you refine your pet’s health care goals. We can also schedule a dental cleaning, exam, and X-rays to learn more about their oral hygiene. 

Some Thoughts On Weight

Even a couple of extra pounds on a companion animal can have deleterious effects on their health. At your pet’s wellness exam, we will measure their weight and compare it with previous readings. If there have been changes (either gain or loss), we can help you find out why. 


Making changes to a pet’s diet can be very challenging, especially if they are accustomed to receive table scraps or treats every day. It is a process that takes time and patience, and we’ll be there every step of the way to help improve your pet’s health.

Safety First

Many pet owners do not have a plan in place during natural disasters, fires, or other emergencies. We recommend devising an evacuation plan, complete with a list of places you can go with your pet, and an emergency preparedness kit that can get you and your pet through for several days. 


Establishing best practices during a natural disaster or other emergency can increase feelings of confidence and control, and goes to help protect your pet if/when the time comes.

Improve Your Pet’s Health

In the new year, we encourage you to try out some new things with your pet. Whether this means driving to new locales to enjoy different sights and smells or investing in new items that boost their environment, you’re helping to improve your pet’s health. A healthy pet can live a long time, and contributing to their longevity and vitality are great goals to have in the new year. 


If you have questions about your pet’s wellness, nutrition, or dental care, please call us at (916) 726-2334. From all of your friends at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital, happy new year!