Sure, wolves and lions and other wild canids and felids may live out their lives without ever seeing a toothbrush. That doesn’t mean, though, that dental care for our animals doesn’t make a difference. Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital gets to witness the impact of good pet dental health on a daily basis, and for pet dental health month we want to share those impacts with you!

The Impact of Pet Dental Care

Good pet dental care is an essential part of wellness care. Pets accumulate plaque and tartar as a function of normal day-to-day eating. This can lead to periodontal disease. We also see pets with fractured or broken teeth or other dental pathology.

A good pet dental care program allows us to act proactively rather than waiting for things to get bad. Proactive pet dental care can:

  • Prevent bad breath
  • Stop the spread of periodontal disease
  • Help prevent tooth loosening and loss
  • Minimize bacterial infection of the ligament around the tooth, surrounding bone, and even blood supply
  • Prevent unnecessary pain
  • Stop changes related to periodontal disease that occur in the heart, liver, and kidneys

Just paying attention to one small thing not only helps you to enjoy your pet’s morning cuddles more, but also allows them to live a likely longer and happier lifespan.

Doing Your Part

You might be wondering at this point what exactly good pet dental care looks like. There is plenty that you can do to provide this for your pet. 

Good dental care definitely starts at home. Take the time to 

  • Peek into/at your pet’s mouth on a routine basis
  • Work towards daily tooth-brushing at home
  • Use dental rinses, chews, treats, and diets recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council that have been shown to be beneficial in pet dental health

Taking some time to make dental care part of your pet’s day to day grooming can really make an impact.

Letting Us Help

Our veterinary team plays a big part in your pet’s dental health. Home care goes a long way, but just as you need to visit an actual dentist outside of normal toothbrushing, so does your pet.

Pet dental services at the vet’s office include:

An annual oral exam: Most pet owners cannot see all of their pet’s oral cavity, nor are they trained to notice early signs of dental problems. Routine examination of your pet’s mouth at your annual wellness appointments helps to catch problems early.

Comprehensive pet teeth cleaning: All pets need to have a thorough oral examination and cleaning under anesthesia periodically. Anesthesia allows us to safely and easily assess all parts of the mouth and obtain dental radiographs. At this time, we can also further evaluate areas of concern. During a pet teeth cleaning and oral examination, we also conduct an ultrasonic tooth scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatment.

Good pet dental care at home and at our hospital help to be sure that your pet is living their best life. Help celebrate pet dental health month by contacting us today to get your pet the dental care that they deserve.