Bringing your cat in for their annual wellness exam is an important event that our doctors at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital feel is important for every patient. Not all cats love the trip, though, and as a pet owner, it may not be obvious as to why wellness exams are so important. Understanding what we do during one of these visits and why it matters can make a big difference for your cat. Read on to learn what happens at a cat wellness appointment.

The Cat Wellness Exam

Dear Bipedal Caretaker,

I know it is that time of year again. You have retrieved that dusty box from the basement that you intend to shove me inside. I will not, however, make it easy for you to transport me in that wheeled death machine to that place. 

I know that once we arrive at the *shudder* vet’s office, you will remove me from the wheeled machine and take me inside. Once in the office, there will be much conversing. The people at the vet’s office will ask endless questions. What do I eat? Am I utilizing the litter boxes appropriately? What are my habits like? Really, is it any of their business? I might let out a yowl in protest as you divulge my personal habits. 

Eventually some brave soul will make an attempt to remove me from that awful box I so desperately resisted being put inside. They will shame me by placing me on a scale and then the veterinarian will violate my personal space with their hands and other contraptions. 

I know that soon thereafter some displeasure will be thrust upon me. Once you have consented to my torture, vaccinations will be given and samples taken against my will. I may show my terrifying fangs or display my deadly murder mittens. But, alas, it will be fruitless.

After I retreat to the box of doom, you will further humiliate me by continuing to discuss my visit. Suggestions will be made—feed me less! Bring me in again soon! Oh, my soul cannot bear to hear these things.

I shall return home and sulk under the bed for days. Or, until I become really hungry.

Why do you continue to torture me in this way?


The Cat

Take-Home Points

While our cats may not appreciate everything we do for them, cat wellness efforts are done with good intentions. Routine wellness visits are a part of good cat care and allow our doctors to establish a relationship with you and your pet. 

Wellness visits allow us to establish a baseline normal for your pet. Through routine visits we can better understand your pet’s normal habits, weight, and demeanor. This allows us to pick up on changes earlier and diagnose and treat problems more aggressively.

At a cat wellness visit, we often make preventive care recommendations such as vaccines, screening tests, and parasite prevention. These things allow us to do the best job possible when it comes to helping your pet live a longer and healthier life. 

These visits not only allow us to make recommendations, but are also a great time for you to bring any questions or concerns that you may have as a pet owner to the table. Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital knows how important cat wellness care is, and while we may not be able to convince your cat, we hope that we have convinced you. Please take the time to make an appointment to bring your unimpressed feline in to see us. We know you will be glad that you did.