Bringing your dog in for an annual wellness exam is an important event that our doctors at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital recommend for every patient. As a pet owner it may not be obvious, though, as to why wellness exams are so important. Understanding what we do during one of these visits and why it matters can make a big difference for your dog. Read on to learn what happens at a dog wellness appointment from the dog’s point of view:

Henlo, Nice to See You, Fren!

Every so often my hooman gets me in the car to do me a visit somewhere. Sometimes it is the park or Grandma’s house, but sometimes we go to the vet’s office.

For some doggos, goin to the vet is heckin scary, but I like to go smell all the smells and see some frens. There are nice hoomans there and all sorts of doggos. Small bois, big ol’ floofers, and everything in between. Once I even saw me a catto! 

If doin a visit to the vet is doin you a scare, tell your hooman to talk to the dogtor about something to help. Sometimes when I get a peanut butter with a crunchy inside before the sky explosions happen it makes me feel much better. 

When we get to the vet office, the nice hoomans there give me pats and say “good boi.” They do a lot of talk with my hooman and ask lots of questions. What noms do I eat? How do my potties looks? So many questions. They also check my weight and make sure I am not too thicc. 

This is the easy part. My dog nurse learns so much about me and I get some snaccos sometimes, too!

Doin Me a Check Up

After that, the dogtor comes in and they do me a good check up. The nurse might gib me a good huggo and they look at all my parts:

  • Doin me a good look—Dems looks all over. They check my eyes and nose. They look in my ears. Them look at my chompers. My floof and my paws and even under my tail (oh my!) are looked at so my dogtor can be sure everything is looking pawsome. 
  • Doin me a listen—The dogtor also does me a listen with that stethoscope to be sure my heart and lungs sound heckin good. I have to try not to bork during this part!
  • Doin me a feel—The dogtor also does me good feel all over. They give me some scritch scratches but they also are doin me check to be sure my belly and joints feel good.

After that they sometimes do me a little discomfort. Sometimes there is a shot or they steal a little blood! But after that they says “good boi’ and all is forgib because we are happy again. 

Talk About Dog Wellness

After that the hoomans talk and talk some more. The dogtor has lots of things to say and they do them a recommend about how my people can take the best care of me. This is the best part because I know the dogtor knows what I need to stay healthy and be a happy doggo. Sometimes my hooman has questions, too. 

The vet office also has pawsome pet wellness plans to help my hooman take great care of me. 

When we get ready to go bye byes again in our car, my hooman knows all about things like how to feed me, how to take care of my floof, what pokes I need, how to take care of my toofers, and how to help me stay healthy. What’s not to like?

If you have a doggo, periodic dog wellness exams are heckin important. They are the best time for me and my dogtor to get to know each other and for the hoomans to discuss my best care. This is also the time where we do me pokes and things to prevent bad diseases and bugs from doing me a sick. 

Please use your phone to talk to the hoomans at Sunrise Boulevard Animal Hospital to schedule my next dog wellness visit.